We provide the highest quality agency services to assist our clients in earning potential both on and off the pitch.

With a worldwide network of contact and partner we ensure that no matter where you are your career is taken care. Being a full service agency International Football Manager Ltd. has a diverse portfolio of services so their clients can fully concentrate on their on-field activities.

CAREER PLANNING - At least twice a season we like to sit down with our clients to review and evaluate how their performances have been during the current campaign. From there we can establish together whether they are on course in achieving their personal career goals and develop a plan for action.

We only provide honest advice without unsettling the player or upsetting the club concerned. Also, we will only liaise with club officials regarding career planning after receiving permission from the client.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION - With years of experience, our lawyer’s are experts in negotiating contracts to suit our clients’ needs. IFM LTD. has the knowledge and diplomacy to get a deal completed efficiently and effectively. IFM LTD. has a reputation of great trust throughout the soccers world that puts both clients and third parties at easy.

COMMERCIAL - At International Football Manager Ltd. we fully understand that athlete sponsorship is a give-and-take relationship. It is not about what the sponsor can do for you, it is about what you can do for each other.

In the soccer world, players aim to supplement their salary through sponsorship and commercial endorsements. Talented young professionals in particular, often benefit from sponsorship.

We can assist clients in all their sponsorship needs such as determining objectives, establishing budgets and developing proposals.

There are also numerous opportunities for well known and successful players to exploit their popularity and image rights to increase their earnings.

In addition to negotiating endorsement contracts International Football Manager Ltd. also play a major role in helping to position and market our clients to the company.

We have developed strong contacts with sportswear companies and we ultimately aim to provide our clients with a combination of:

  • Discount
  • Free products
  • Paid expenses
  • Bonuses and contingencies
  • Salaries

Furthermore, we will arrange speech and media coaching to help our clients enhance their endorsement and post career opportunities.

INJURY INSURANCE - International Football Manager Ltd. works closely with leading sports injury insurers. We make it our priority to provide our clients with the opportunity to take out the right injury insurance policy, which will ease the financial burden of a player's career ending prematurely through injury.

WELFARE MANAGEMENT - We assist our clients and their family in their day-to-day needs such as car purchases, relocation, insurance premiums, holidays, electrical purchases and travel arrangement.

  INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT - We give our clients advice on savings accounts and pensions. Many players like to plan early for their career after football and have invested in projects such as property development, restaurant chains and coaching schools through IFM LTD.. We offer thorough advice on investment opportunities and highlight any risk involved. Often players like their agents to deal with investments. At International Football Manager Ltd. we have made it our policy to keep our clients informed in the entire decision-making process, eliminating the risk of poor investments.

CITIZENSHIP, VISA AND PASSPORTS SERVICES - Many of our foreign players in Hungary and indeed abroad choose to apply for residency. We use our internal legal service a Egyptian Immigration Visa agency that specializes in Citizenship and Naturalization processes. We are also happy to get holiday visas for our clients if required.

ACCOUNTANCY - It is important our clients have a reliable and trustworthy company that can help with the necessary accountancy advice, whether it be technical tax consultation and the preparation of an annual tax return, IFM LTD. can point you in the right direction.

FAMILY PROTECTION - We build-in life, critical illness cover and private medical insurance for both the player and his family, thus giving him peace of mind if anything should happen to him or his partner.

SPECIALIST TAX PLANNING  - As appropriate, we advise on higher risk tax deferral schemes such as Venture Capital Trusts and Film Partnerships and also Inheritance Tax planning arrangements.

PUBLIC RELATIONS - In today’s media-driven world of internet, newspapers and television it has never been more important to manage a sports star’s public image in order to maximize his earning potential. At IFM LTD. we have a world class PR team to make sure the image of our clients is always portrayed in the right light.

MEDIA TRAINING - One of the most daunting prospects for any up-and-coming sports person is the dreaded reality of the press. We can provide the very best media training to put our clients at ease, ensuring we can capitalize on all media opportunities.

CRISIS MANAGEMEN - Managing media coverage of sensitive issues around client reputation, and working with the specialist legal team, IFM LTD. provides protection from media intrusion.

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT - IFM LTD. aims to create a positive profile for our clients through proactive media management.

MEDIA BROKERING - IFM LTD. can assist in maximizing revenues for individual clients through the media including book deals, interviews, TV appearances etc.

POST CAREER - Choosing a career as a professional soccer player is extremely unique, as research has shown that the average player will play for around 10 years as a professional.

At International Football Manager Ltd., we aim to prepare our clients for life after football from day one. We offer advice to our clients on pursuing part time courses with higher educational institutions.

We also encourage our clients to train in a second profession during their playing days as the reality is that only a handful of professional soccer players will remain in the game once they hang up their boots.

Our clients are not alone in preparing for their post career as IFM LTD. will be there every step of the way to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.